Online Rigging Training Courses

Our Most Popular Online Courses

For Qualified Rigger training to meet OSHA standards choose our Online Qualified Rigger Level 1 Course. You can complete the course in under 7 hours and receive your Qualified Rigger certificate immediately. Most students also choose to take the Signal Person Course.

Certified Rigger Level 1 and Certified Signal Person Exam Modules

After completing our Online Qualified Rigger Level 1 and Signal Person courses you can become certified by taking our Online Certified Rigger Level 1 and Certified Signal Person Exams. Upon completion you will receive printable certificates immediately. A wallet card and hard hat sticker will be mailed to you. This certification is valid for 2 years.

NCCCO Rigger Prep Course and Fall Protection/Authorized Person

Our NCCCO Rigger Exam Prep Course prepares you to take the NCCCO Rigger Exam. The online Fall Protection/Authorized Person course meets OSHA 1910.30 and ANSI standards and requirements to allow employees to work at heights.

Entertainment Rigging Courses

These courses are designed to provide participants with the ground-rigging basic knowledge of inspecting rigging gear, load control, rigging procedures and techniques used in the entertainment industry through lessons, problem-solving workshops, and videos.

Online Rigging Training provides the quickest way to obtain your rigging and signal person credentials. All of our online courses meet OSHA requirements.

We offer the basic Qualified Rigger Level 1 course for anyone that needs to become a Qualified Rigger. We also offer the Certified Rigger 1 Online Exam for those ready to prove their skills and obtain the wallet card and hard hat sticker.

If you are looking to become an NCCCO Rigger Level 1, our online NCCCO Prep course will prepare you for the written and practical test at an NCCCO testing site near you.

We also offer a Signal Person course and Certified Signal Person Exam which includes the wallet card.

For those in the entertainment industry, we offer two Entertainment Basic Rigging courses.   Both are eligible for 3 renewal credits for the ESTA ETCP (Entertainment Technician Certification) program.